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Harms & Wende QST GmbH


Thanks to our wealth of experience from demanding customer applications and our modern monitoring technology, we can analyse and optimise your welding processes for a wide range of problems.


If you have problems with the parameterisation of your new welding task, we will be happy to help you. We either recreate the spot welds in our laboratory or help you on site. After checking the welding results, we can set about optimising the welds, if desired.


The first step is a thorough examination and analysis of your joining process. Possible weaknesses and potentials for improvement are thus identified. We compile a detailed report from the data obtained and develop targeted suggestions for improvements on this basis.


  • Inspection of the production facility
  • Visual inspection of the production facility for visible defects with regard to operating equipment
  • Use of a mobile PQS measuring system for data recording and analysis of the current process situation
  • Checking of the parameterisation
  • Verification of product quality on real components
  • Summary of the results in report form with suggestions for process optimisation



Practical implementation of the improvement measures takes place on the basis of a previously prepared process analysis. This includes both parameterisation and the verification of the achieved product and process quality. The successful outcome is documented in a detailed report.


  • Implementation of specific optimisation measures by Harms & Wende QST based on an existing process analysis
  • Testing of modified plant parameters
  • Verification of the process and product quality achieved within the framework of a detailed report